Circus scotland street entertainers and fringe style acts available to hire for all types of events.

Snake Oil Steve
Street Entertainer Scotland

A swashbuckling, rip-roaring, crazy, flaming, fun for all the family, action packed show, performed with much zeal by one Sideshow Stevie! Centred about a frightful board of fearsome spikes, the spectacular spectacle comes complete with a smashing, crashing, crushing, stomach churning, grandiose finale!!

Dangerous Knife Juggling!
Mad Body-Burning Fire Stunts!
Fiery Fire-Eating!
Warped Humour!?
Amazing Crushing Feats of Bravery and Courage performed with the aid of the Infamous Bed  of  Nails!!

Legend has it that upon witnessing Sideshow Stevie’s Show at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Frank Zappa declared “totally crazy man”, Baroness Thatcher was “shocked”, Sir Laurence Olivier stated that he had just witnessed “one of the most original and prodigious talents of the past century”, while that unattractive female with abundant underarm hair and a bottle of Buckfast tonic wine said “I’d like to see him naked” and the audience “went wild”

Cake The Clown
Street Entertainer Scotland

Circus Scotland Street Entertainers Mission Statement

We can work on our own initiatives but we are also great team players. We are creative, innovative, tenacious problem solvers with exceptional communicative skills. Although we have a record of academic excellence we have also filled all our spare time with constructive, rewarding and worthwhile activities in which we have demonstrated leadership, organizational ability, time management and an interest in commerce. We are flexible and eager to work hard and play hard, although we are also keen to establish a healthy work / life balance. Our priorities for choosing a career are excellent training, high-calibre peer groups and the chance to change the way the world lives and works.

So Here's the DEAL !  - You believe this advert and we'll believe your Brochure!

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