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Cruise Ship Job Interviews: Practice, Practice, Hired
Are You Ready to Change to a Career on a Cruise Ship?
Does Your Age Matter When Applying for Jobs on Cruise Ships?
Are You Ready for a Cruise Line Skype Interview?
Using Sales Experience to Get a Cruise Ship Job
Make 2010 the Year You Get a job on a cruise ship!
Could you Handle Homesickness when Working on a Cruise Ship?
Using Social Media to Find a Cruise Ship Job
Are You Making Mistakes In Your Cruise Job Applications?
Why Most People Will Never Get a Job On a Cruise Ship


In-depth interview on step-by-step how to get a job on a cruise ship and - WOW - the feedback has been staggering!

 Here's just a few comments people posted about it:
 "Thank you so much I listened to your interview 3 times
 and it helped me a great deal to take the next step to
 getting a job on a Cruise ship"
 "Thank you I have been trying to get a cruise ship job for
 18 months and this interview has given me hope again to try".
 "The best information I ever heard, everything you said is
 true; I have worked on Norwegian ships for 15 years".
 "I know I will get a job on a cruise ship soon with all your
 advice in the interview. thankyou."
 Unfortunately, a lot of people also emailed in to say they
 couldn't play the interview for one reason or another...
 So, I have now made it available to you as a DOWNLOAD so
 that you can listen to it on your own computer or MP3 player:
 On top of that, I've also had one of my staff TRANSCRIBE the
 entire interview and that's also available for you to download
 from the above link.
 Some people tell me they prefer to read than listen, so hey,
 I've tried to keep everybody happy :)
 If you haven't listened to the interview yet, then go and grab
 it now because I give you tips and strategies for getting cruise
 lines to hire you that I have NEVER discussed before, including:
  * The EXACT steps you need to take to land a job on a cruise
 ship (miss any one of these steps out and you won't get hired).
  * The best job on board with the best benefits, perks and pay.
  This is insider info you don't want to miss if you want a cruise ship
  job but you don't know what type of job yet.
  * The #1 mistake people make over and over when sending in their
  CV or resume. It's simple. You make this easy mistake and your
  application WILL be tossed in the garbage.
  * The top 3 things to say in the interview to double or triple your
  chances to landing the cruise ship job you want. The interviewer is
  just wishing you will bring up these topics, they will light up when
  you do!
 ~ Neil
 P.S. Be sure to listen to the interview with a pen and paper so that
 you can take plenty of notes.
 P.P.S. Once you're done, leave me a quick comment at the website
 to let me know what you thought. I am thinking about sending out
 some more valuable information like this shortly but I need your feedback

Activities Coordinator,Administrative Assistant,Air/Sea Agent ,Art Director ,Bartender,Beautician,Casino Staff ,Cabin Steward/Stewardess,Chaplain,Chef ,Comedian ,Computer Specialist ,Cosmetologist,Cruise Director,Cruise Staff ,Cruise Terminal Staff,Dancer,Dance Instructor,Deck & Engine Staff ,Disc Jockey,District Sales Manager,Engineering,Entertainer ,Expedition Leader,Fitness Instructor,Food & Beverage Staff ,Gentleman Host,Gift Shop Manager/Staff,Golf Instructor,Group Sales Manager/Staff ,Host & Hostess,Janitorial Staff,Juggler,Lecturer,Magician ,Maitre d,Marketing ,Massage Therapist,Medical Doctor,Musician ,Nurse ,Photographer,Physician ,Puppeteer,Purchasing Agent ,Purser,Purser's Staff,Public Relations,Psychic,Restaurant & Bar Staff,Reservations Staff ,Sales Agent ,Salon Manager/Staff ,SCUBA Instructor Shore Excursions Staff,Social Host,Videographer,Vocalist ,Youth Counselor,Water Sports Instructor,Waiter/Waitress