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Servo Dummies

Servo Dummies are unique and fascinating Robotic characters
with motorized sound effects.

Having a celebration ? Then you need Servo Dummies!

Servo dummies are the ultimate party robots that will bring a smile
to your guests faces and put them in the party spirit.

The Waiter
The Waiter has excellent meet and greet qualities, especially
whilst serving drinks to your guests on their arrival.
This specialist Robotic character has a wide expertise from serving drinks
/ topping up glasses to try handling small food such as Horsdoevres, Canapes and

Serving Suggestion
Wedding, parties, Balls and other specialist functions where food and drink might be served.
Can also be served as a starter before the appearance by The Servo Dummies Glo-Bot.
Both characters are sure to make your celebration event go with a bang.

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